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Program book:

Day to Day program:
Dag 1 – The outward voyage
27-apr 04:30 departure by touringcar in Eindhoven
27-apr 09:45 departure in Amsterdam
27-apr 11:10 arrival in Zurich
27-apr 13:05 departure in Zurich

Dag 2 – Arrival
28-apr 07:05 arrival in Shanghai
Arrival at Shanghai airport, Bus to the hotel
Free afternoon, recover from the flight
Walk along the Bund river, or a boat trip

Dag 3 – Semi cultural day
City tour in Shanghai
Visit the ‘Shanghai urban planning exhibition center
Visit the World financial center tower

Dag 4 – Company visit/ Kings day
Visit Unstudios
The Royal inauguration of Willem-Alexander and Maxima at the embassy in Shanghai

Dag 5 – Cultural day
Visit Yuyuan gardens
Visit the Shanghai beach

Dag 6 – Company visit/ Travel day
Visit the Royal Haskoning DHV DSM Headquarters
2-mei 17:27 departure in Shanghai
2-mei 22:14 arrival in Wuhan

Dag 7 – Company visits/ Travel day
Presentation Grontmij China
Visiting the Grontmij New Energy Institute Wuhan
3-mei xx:00 departure in Whuan
3-mei xx:00 arrival in Nanjing

Dag 8 – Cultural day
City tour Nanjing
Visit Zinjing Mountain
Visit the Botanic gardens

Dag 9 – Cultural day
Visit Dantu Ghost town
(other activities to be announced)

Dag 10 – Company visit/ University visit
Picked up at Hotel and travel to Houchong village
Presentation about Houchong village and visit the eco village
Visit University of Technology Nanjing
Presentation about the Youth Olympics Nanjing 2014

Dag 11 – Visit municipality of Nanjing
Presentation Nanjing Housing Construction Commission
Visit Nanjing urban planning exhibition hall
Climb ancient city wall

Dag 12 – Visit university/ Travel night
Visit Southeast University Nanjing
Get packed for night train
8-mei 22:28 departure in Nanjing

Dag 13 – Cultural day
9-mei 10:02 arrival in Beijing
Visit the Forbidden city
Visit Tiananmen square
Visit Beijing planning exhibition center (optional)

Dag 14 – Cultural day
Visit the great Chinese wall
Visit the Ming Tombs
Going out together

Dag 15 – Last (free) day
Evening Bus to the airport of Beijing

Dag 16 – The return voyage
12-mei 06:45 departure in Beijing
12-mei 11:20 arrival in Zurich
12-mei 12:35 departure in Zurich
12-mei 14:10 arrival in Amsterdam