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Of CoUrsE! is an international study association, who’s orientation is not only on the Dutch but foreign real estate as well. To get in touch with foreign real estate projects, of CoUrsE! organizes each year a study trip within and outside Europe. This year, the study trip is planned to go to Taipei, ‘Made in Taiwan’. 17 of our master students signed up to visit one of the worlds most advanced technological societies, and to see how the inhabitants combine culture and technology.

This year’s theme is therefore ‘High-tech culture’!

Taipei is a city of 2,7 million inhabitants. Taiwanese apartments are on average three floors tall, with only one or two rooms per floor. You’d get a workout just going back and forth between rooms all day. Another funny fact is that students do not have to switch classes, the teachers do!
The trip is planned from April the 29th till the 9th of May. The program consists of visiting companies, admire beautiful real estate, getting in touch with the culture and nature and of course, we will definitely not skip the evening life in Taipei.

Check out the full program book here

From the of CoUrsE! Study Trip 2017 committee.