Hereby we would like to announce to you the Of CoUrsE! Tour 2014. This year’s destination will be:



Tour information
Date: 22nd of May – 29th of May (8 days)
Price: €350 (price may vary slightly)
Theme: “The Sustainable Reinvention of the City”

– Flights
– All transportation in England
– All cultural activities (tickets etc.)
– All accommodation
– 2 group diners
– Everyday breakfast

Requirements: Enrolled as Master student
There will be a possibility to gain 1 or 2 ECTS as part of your I&O course.

For pre-master students: if you are enrolled as a Master Student at the time of the trip, you are allowed to join. If not, the university unfortunately does not allow you to join. If you cannot attend the meeting, you can always visit us in the Of CoUrsE! Corner at floor 5 in Vertigo.