The goal of the study association of CoUrsE! for the year 2018/2019 is to focus on sustainable relations between important parties: such as companies, professors, and the students. With those relations, the study association wants to support the personal development of students within the master program as well as the development of the master program.

    The board of 2018/2019 has set specific goals to improve the study association of CME and to counteract problems experienced by previous boards:

  • To create a higher enthusiasm for activities organized by Of Course! by better adjusting the events to the needs of CME students.
  • To limit the number of activities to increase quality and attendance of the organized activities, because this board is limited in resources due to scale. Suspend activities such as COD, study trip or formal activities to free capacity of the board to organize core activities.
  • To increase the awareness of ofCoUrsE! It is a consensus that the study association is not well known amongst CME students and therefore has a limited reach on these students. Therefore, marketing needs to be increased of events of ofCoUrsE!.
  • To aim for better continuity of the next board to strengthen the capacity of ofCoUrsE! for the upcoming year

To make all the possible goals set by the new board of ofCoUrsE!, the financial status of the association needs to be kept at a high level. The economic situation is improving compared to previous years; this brings opportunities for the board to find sponsors.

The board needs to put effort into sustainable contacts with companies. Also, it is essential to make clear what sponsors can expect from their money. Of course, the !ntervisiE magazine will be used to sell articles.

As a final goal, the study association wants to remain a place where new and old students can meet. The newfound association ACME (Association for Construction Management & Engineers) is a good way to keep in touch with the alumni. The board will use a successful webpage and Facebook to keep everybody updated on the latest activities.