Verifying the completeness of Building Information Models Enhancing information completeness and control over BIM development processes



Last Updated: 2-2016


This study extends the mvdXML Checker with a mvdXML Generator and user interface to make it more user friendly for domain end‐users. The mvdXML Generator enables domain end‐users to specify requirements and generate mvdXML rulesets in the same spreadsheet template. The mvdXML  Generator  is  based  on  the  NATSPEC  Object/Element  matrix.  The  user  interface  is  developed to operate the mvdXML Generator and mvdXML Checker. In the future, more free‐to‐use model checkers based on open standards, such as the mvdXML Checker, should be developed.  Similar  incentives  offer  domain  end‐users  the  possibility  freely  exchange  information between applications, make adjustment to applications, and reduce the threshold for SMEs to make use of automated model checking software. Ultimately, the extension of the mvdXML Checker aims to enhance the quality of data in building information models.