The transformation process from obsolete industrial sites to residential areas: A System Dynamics Approach



Last Updated: 2-2015


With  the  aim  of  analyzing  the  transformation  process  from  obsolete  industrial  area  to  residential area, finding out factors that play biggest parts and providing insight as well as giving  advice  to  the  Noord-­‐Brabant  government,  a  simulation  analysis  based  on  existing  researches and statistics using System Dynamics modeling method is conducted. The result shows  that  though  all  the  three  governmental  strategies:  financial  funding,  liability  reduction and procedure simplification have effects on improving the chance of transformation,  among  the  three,  simplifying  the  procedure  of  handling  related  applications and shortening the response time is the most effective one. Despite the terrain limitation, the analysis tool can be served as a general analyzing tool for ant areas as long as there is data available. The research reaches to a depth in the current field of sustainable development of urban land use planning, contributes to the development of smart cities and improvement of spatial quality and provides insights for all municipalities that  are  looking  for  ways  to  deal  with  over-­‐stock  industrial  area  or  industrial  sites  obsolescence. The simulation model helps both public authorities and private developers in  deciding  an  appropriate  strategy  or  selecting  a  proper  project  depends  on  their  own  specific situations and can serve as a new platform for negotiation between the two players.