The Resilient Smart City concept as a Business Opportunity for Engineering Firms



Last Updated: 2-2015


Due  to  increasing  population  among  other  causes  contemporary  Urban  Areas  face  many  challenges in questions of livability, sustainability and citizen needs. A concept that is interested  in  handling  these  challenges  is  that  of  the  Resilient  Smart  City  (RSC).  This  literature review strives to answer the question what exactly the Resilient Smart City concept  is  and  how  it  can  be  valuable  by  researching  literature  on  Smart  Cities,  Resilient  Cities and related subjects. Furthermore it researches how the concept is related to Business Opportunities  and  how  Business  Opportunities  are  discovered  and  created  in  general.  Together these aspects lead to a theory on how Business Opportunities could be grasped through the RSC concept, serving both the goals of potential RSC service providers, grasping Business  Opportunities,  and  that  of  Municipalities  and  Citizens,  livable,  sustainable,  empowering and highly competitive and self-­‐reliant Urban Areas. Conclusions include that a Resilient  Smart  City  is  a  city  that  empowers  its  citizens  to  help  it  develop  Efficiently  and  Sustainably, through Resiliency solutions and that Business Opportunities can be grasped through Business Model Innovation.