The optimization of crane deployment by using BIM



Last Updated: 2-2016


Construction delays on construction sites are one of the biggest problems within the construction industry, which are mainly caused by an ineffective planning process. Crane deployment is an important part of the planning process, because many construction activities are highly dependent on it. Ineffective crane deployment can directly result in construction delays. Within this research three research methods were used; a literature review, interviews and observations on the construction site. By using these research methods, more information was gathered concerning scheduling, building models and crane deployment. The aim of the research was to develop a simulation tool for residential construction projects, which supports the crane planner during the determination of crane deployment. The results of this research shows that crane utilization for residential projects, can be very promising for the construction industry and finally could results in a reduction of crane expenses. In addition, the tool supports IFC data structures, which are standardized data structures and are becoming increasingly important within the construction industry. It would be very useful to simulate the crane deployment for more type of cranes, taken into consideration their movements, the crane occupation in hours and safety factors, such as ground reinforcement and the wind speed. Finally, the optimization of crane deployment can be applied within utility construction projects.