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The first steps towards successful implementation of AR in the Dutch construction sector: The most important obstructions concerning the implementation of AR in the constructions industry



Last Updated: 12-2019


The construction industry is realizing the urgent need for providing the opportunity to understand the current project status easy, rapid, and accurate. Currently, manual visual observations and traditional progress monitoring based on field personnel’s interpretation are time-consuming, error-prone, and infrequent. For that reason the building industry is replacing the traditional monitoring methods by automated solutions. These automated solutions generate large amounts of data (Big Data) which can only be surmounted by advanced methods of visualization, particularly Augment and Virtual reality technologies. Since the construction industry is lagging behind concerning the processing of Big Data and the implementation of automated solutions, it is necessary to develop new methodologies to visualize construction-related datasets. A relatively new and promising method of automated monitoring that converges with Big Data, addressing the problem, is AR (Augmented Reality). Further research into the implementation of AR, addresses the demand for new interactive platforms and methodologies to visualize construction-related datasets supporting wider AR adoption.
The research objective of this study is to examine the potential of AR within the Dutch construction industry focusing on the first steps towards the successful implementation of AR and thereby wider AR adoption. Firstly, the current state of AR in the construction industry, especially the Dutch construction industry, is determined. Secondly, the benefits of using AR in the construction industry are specified. Thirdly, it’s determined to what construction stages the implementation of AR is of concern. Fourthly, obstructions that are encountered when implementing AR are established and ranked. Fifthly and as of last, the enablers of the most important obstructions are specified and it’s explained how they can be overcome.

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