Tenant participation in sustainable renovation projects



Last Updated: 8-2013


This paper is about tenant participation in sustainable renovation projects performed by Dutch housing associations. By law is stated that in most cases, 70% of the tenants have to participate before the renovation plans can be executed. For housing associations this participation level can be a problem with the consequence that sustainable renovation projects are postponed or stopped. This research investigated the content of the project plans and their influence on the tenant participation. This is done by literature study, a survey distributed around project managers and case study.

The most important conclusions were that a project plan has to be understandable, beneficial and within the ability of the tenant. The most important factor herein the level of rent increase, even though the aim of the sustainable renovation project is to lower the energy costs and thus lower the integral housing costs for the tenant. This research ends with a checklist with tips for project managers to give substance to the sustainable renovation plans.