Sun, Sea, Leasure and Energy



Last Updated: 6-2015


This paper is on decision making in urban development in Morocco in the field of renewable energies. Morocco has the ambition to produce 42% of the total demand of energy from renewable energies in 2020. With the growing implementation of solar and wind energy the application of renewable energies in Morocco is a fact. This research investigates these two renewable energy sources together with hydro energy and geothermal energy. This is done by literature study, application of AHP with i.a. a survey distributed around experts in renewable energies, and a case study.

The most important conclusions of this research were that financial aspects are most important in the decision making, and environmental pressure is not important at all in the decision making in the field of renewable energies. The research ends with weighing of different criteria which could help by choosing a renewable energy form for a specific project in Morocco.