Smart grids with Electrical Energy Storage for a sustainable energy supply system



Last Updated: 2-2016


Electrification of appliances and increased decentralized Variable Renewable Energy Systems (VRES) generation strain power supply grids and can result in power quality issues. Excessive photovoltaics (PV) generation capacity can cause overvoltage in summer when demand is low. In winter when peak demand is high due to electrification and in particular due to electric vehicle charging the infrastructure is overloaded. A model was made to assess the severity of these performance issues using simulations which were then resolved by the means of electrical energy storage (EES). It was found that the overvoltage related power quality decline was related to placement of PV systems within extremities in the neighbourhood’ grid, restoring power quality was best done by placement of EES in the same extremities of the grid in which the problems occur. No spatial component was found in the winter overloading situation and here placement of EES was not critical to restoring power quality.