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A serious game for a lean construction training:Potential for implementation and user preferences



Last Updated: 10-2020


Construction projects often exceed their budget and deadline, creating a lot of problems in the sector. Lean construction (LC) is introduced as a potential solution to these problems, however, to properly implement this, everyone in the construction team needs to have some training in the concept. A serious game training could provide basic training for the large construction sector in combination with workshops for the more advanced LC training. However, no research has yet been done that shows if this would be successful.

By means of a questionnaire data is collected to analyze the potential target group of the serious game, as well as the user preferences. The analyses show that especially younger people, with a higher education level and consider themselves innovative are interested to learn more about LC. Additionally, people that do not have much prior knowledge and want to learn more in a, not too long, training are interested.

For the user preferences, it was clear that the training should be basic instead of advanced and end with an official certificate. Additionally, the information should be given with videos and animations instead of text and images. Finally, a competitive element in the serious game would be preferred. With this information, a mock-up was created that visualizes the conclusions of this research. There seems to be potential for the serious game training of lean construction, however, further research with a prototype and a feasibility study would be recommended.

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