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Research into housing preferences of starters on the housing market_Determine the most suitable locations in the Randstad to redevelop vacant non-residential buildings into starter dwellings based on the preferences of the starters on the housing market



Last Updated: 5-2019


The current housing market in the Netherlands is booming. There is a big housing shortage due to the low building production in the financial crisis and because of the high demand due to the low interest rate on mortgages. A lot more dwellings are needed, based on dwelling forecasts for the Netherlands, especially in the Randstad region. A big opportunity lays in the field of the transformation of vacant nonresidential buildings to target this issue. Therefore, this research focuses on the housing preferences of starters on the housing market, in order to make good dwellings which suits the demand of the starters. For this purpose, a conjoint analysis has been designed where data has been collected with the use of an online survey. The data have been analyzed with the use of a multinomial logit model. The results show that price and surface are the most important attributes. Also, a location analysis has been carried out, in order to see where the buildings should be located in order to meet the preferences of the starters. These outcomes have been discussed in a business case, where the city or Rotterdam have been used as the example to conduct the case.

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