Prediction for social-environmental managers based on notifications and satisfaction from society stakeholders



Last Updated: 2-2016


The local residents are nowadays more assertive and possess, a better juridical background. This is because of a better education and the size of the personal network. The result of this change is noticeable for infrastructure projects in the way how they are dealing with residential stakeholders. Also stakeholders in the vicinity of the infrastructure projects have become more actively in expressing their feelings about possible impacts which they have when the construction starts or regarding the look of the project design (Peletier & Post, 2009). Those feelings are related to the infrastructure project during the execution phase. Also the different roles within an infrastructure project have changed. The infrastructure client is moving the responsibilities of the design to the contractor, which is also called integrated contracts (Molenaar, Songer, & Barash, 1999). Therefor the contractor is nowadays earlier responsible for stakeholder management at an early point during the project. Those changes are resulting in a new way of stakeholder management, the Social environmental management.