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Participation in energy communities: preferences of Dutch households. A stated choice experiment



Last Updated: 6-2021


The increasing problems with climate change and the measures taken because of them increase
the demand for renewable energy sources (RES). The transition from current central generated
electricity to more local supply is expected. This research adds new information regarding the
preferences of households in the participation in a local energy community. A stated choice
experiment is used to estimate the characteristics that increase the choice for participation in an
energy cooperative or a prosumer community. The analysis conducted with a Multinomial Logit
and Mixed Logit model show that these characteristics are investments in a storage facility,
total investment height, presence of an energy management system and management by
volunteers. Latent Class models show that a prosumer community is chosen by households with
a higher income, a higher environmental attitude, a higher subjective norm and with a greater
desire to be more independent. People preferring an energy cooperative have a higher trust in
energy suppliers.

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