Measurement and evaluation of transport network performance using GPS data



Last Updated: 2-2016


This thesis proposes an approach to measure transport network performance by identifying the mismatch between travel demand and transport network services. For this analysis three performance measures are used, which include temporal performance measures, spatial performance measures and travel time reliability performance measures. These measures are generated by analyzing individual commuter travel information in the form of GPS data. The generated measures are then used to construct problem indicators for detecting regions where commuters experience serious mismatch problems. These problems in turn relate to the measures and include poor connectivity, slow driving speed and longer travel times. The results show the validity of the proposed approach and that it produces accurate and reliable results. The thesis also proved the effectiveness of using GPS data to measure transport network performance. The approach also proved to have social benefits, as it provides commuters, policy makers and traffic managers with a modern, easy and relatively cheap way to identify problem areas in a transportation network.