Instruments for successful energy neutral housing developments



Last Updated: 8-2010


Netherlands has set national energy targets for year 2020. In this context at the local level Eindhoven Municipality has set its ambition to go energy neutral in housing sector by 2020 and decided to develop new energy neutral housing areas. Lack of strict regulations and appropriate forms of support aimed at relevant stakeholders involve has attributed to the lack of acceptance for energy neutral housing in the housing market. Further lack of a defined role for municipality to promote stakeholder participation has affected the realization of energy neutral housing developments. Desk research shows that Denmark & UK have introduced effective regulatory & support instruments to promote their energy ambitions in housing sector. Danish municipalities have played a unique role to promote stakeholder participation in energy efficient housing developments. These instruments found from research are prioritized for Eindhoven scenario as per stakeholder preferences using Analytical Hierarchy process. Using scenario analysis a proactive participatory role is found necessary for the Eindhoven municipality to promote stakeholder participation in energy neutral housing development process.