Influence of tax benefits on energy neutral renovation of private homeowners



Last Updated: 9-2013


In the recent past, the Dutch government has tried to motivate homeowners to take measures in order to reduce energy consumption through the provision of subsidies. This has often resulted in small changes and measures such as double glazing, solar panels and etc., without any comprehensive and structural approaches such as reducing energy loss through the shell of the building. However, to achieve the international (Kyoto and later Bonn) agreed objectives some comprehensive approaches are need to be taken to reduce CO2 emissions of build environment.

Hence, the objective of this research is to investigate if tax benefit can influence the willingness of privet homeowner to renovate their homes towards energy neutral level. In this paper, a desk research has been conducted to find out what the benefits of energy neutral renovation are to its stakeholders. The desk research has been also helpful to find out what the impact of tax benefits regarding sustainability have been in the neighbouring countries. Thereafter, two fiscal scenarios have been constructed and taken into survey with the existing fiscal scenario. Subsequently, a stated conjoint choice experiment is used to determine the preferences of homeowners regarding renovation packages. Finally, the results are given and conclusions are drawn.