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Improving the Interoperability Between City and Road Semantics



Last Updated: 12-2017


Known as one of the most widely implemented 3D semantic city data models, CityGML has already being adopted throughout the world, which is able to contain a large amount of city semantic data along with 3D geometries. However, the infrastructure information in the CityGML is limited and should be enriched by considering to integrate with other infrastructure data source
in order to expand the comprehensiveness of city semantics content and create further semantic information usage.
This research which aims to develop the methodology of using Semantic Web technologies in order to integrate CityGML and German road information system OKSTRA and realize experimental implementation of developed methodology. Meanwhile, a paradigm of applying Semantic Web SPARQL query approach is set up to realize spatial quires based on the integrated CityGML and OKSTRA RDF set.

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