Impact of the energy neutral concept for leisure park investors



Last Updated: 3-2012


Energy neutral development is one way to coop with the current climate changes and the awareness fur sustainability in the real estate industry. In contrast to the housing and office market, the leisure market is not that far with adopting this sustainable concept. Best feasible techniques for developing an energy neutral recreation unit is to equip it with solar panels and a sun-boiler. The central facilities can be equipped with pv-panels, sun boilers or a bio energy system to become energy neutral. When optimized the gross initial yield for the investor decreases from 8.76 to 7.86% while the net initial yield increases from 4.00% to 4.10%. This is one of the reasons why real estate brokers must advertise with the net initial yield when this concept is applied. Better results for the rate of return can be reached when only applying the energy friendly concept. This results in a gross initial yield of 8.14% while the net initial yield is 4.16%.