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Identifying successful characteristics in concept housing solution for the Dutch social housing market



Last Updated: 12-2019


Increased sustainability requirements and construction prices complicate the production of new social housing. The problems this causes worsen due to a sharp increase in the demand for social housing within metropolitan areas. This difference between supply and demand creates problems for the affordability and sustainability goals of social housing corporations (SHC) By identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) of social houses, social real estate developer can identify fitting new housing concept (NHC) which might offer a solution to the problems. These KPI are found using a mix of literature study, survey analyses, desk research and interviews with stakeholders. By identifying matches between the KPI’s of social housing and the characteristics of NHCs, potentially successful NHC can more easily be identified.
Survey results identified with high certainty the specific KPIs of social housing tenants. These results are used to pinpoint important characteristics of NHCs. When supplemented with information about the KPIs of other stakeholders a list of 14 characteristics can be established.
It can be concluded that, NHCs have the potential to offer a fitting solution for current social housing problems. Unclear however is the financial effect of developing housing using NHCs and the long term viability of NHC projects.
It is recommended to perform further research which focuses on the financial aspects of social housing development using NHCs. A case study could also help to draw a comparison between the results of comparable traditional and NHC development projects.

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