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Geological Data Extension for Subway Tunnel BIM models using a Linked Data Approach



Last Updated: 5-2017


Geological survey data is vital throughout the life cycle of a tunnel; not only as information supporting project operation but also a useful reference for newly developed buildings surrounding the projects. However, this important information is not made well use of in metro tunnel projects due to missing in situ geological information regarding Ifc-ShieldTunnel. This thesis investigates the required information about geological survey data for shield tunnels and extends Ifc-ShieldTunnel with IFC property sets that can be attached to IfcCivilGeologyElement abstract entity under IfcCivilElement entity. However, such extension mechanism relies on IFC schema too much to actually provide means for data reuse. In order to work around that, a Linked Data approach that is able to extend BIM models from various sources regardless of exchange format or domain boundaries, provides both project managers and designers a flexible way to make use of relevant geological survey data. A case study is conducted at the end of the thesis to verify the extension.

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