Dimensional Decision Support System Developing A Decision Support System For 3D Concrete Printing



Last Updated: 2-2016


3D concrete printing as an additive manufacturing method can bring a revolution to the construction industry by increasing sustainability, efficiency, and safety. Concrete printing is a complex process influenced by numerous parameters from different disciplines and stages of design and construction. Among them, process parameters have a great role in defining the final product quality, and there are least known about their interrelations and effect on process and product quality criteria. A printed layer dimensional performance is chosen to be studied in order to increase stability, precision and compliant with requirements, in addition, to proposing a methodology to investigate the effect of process parameters on final product quality of concrete printing process. The design of Experiment methodology is employed to derive empirical models and be used as the core of developed Decision Support Systems. dimensional Decision Support System (dDSS) is developed to assists decision makers’ decision regarding process parameters to reach defined dimensional performance, and improve concrete printing g process and product. Decisions in both managerial and technical level can benefit from dDSS, increase the traceability of concrete printing process by technical decision makers and also managers.