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Data provision on the construction site_A research into the preference and acceptance of construction workers for different innovations in data provision



Last Updated: 12-2018


The Architecture, engineering‐ and construction industry needs to keep up with current
developments. Data provision is an important aspect of this. One specific sector is identified
to require more attention, namely the construction site. Until now construction workers get
information mostly in a paper‐based format, which is an obstacle for BIM implementation on
site. Moreover, alternatives which offer information through a digital interface will reduce
the risk of outdated or wrong information. In addition, they offer more insights into the
building process. The digital interface has the potential to reduce waste and flaws in this
sector. This research aims to identify how new communication technologies can aid to
innovation on the construction site. By means of literature review and expert interviews, a
stated choice experiment has been set up which evaluates the preference and acceptance of
construction workers regarding data provision. Both interfaces and data formats have been
taken into consideration. The data is retrieved by a web‐based questionnaire with 159 valid
respondents from construction workers. Both Multinomial and Mixed logit model have been
applied to analyse the data. Main conclusions from these estimations were that construction
workers are less reluctant towards innovation as expected and are more likely to prefer digital
interfaces. This would imply that the frequently observed prejudice that this group would be
reluctant to accept innovation is unjustified. However, despite there is also a group who is
less willing to adopt innovations. Therefore a phased implementation of a medium such as a
tablet is advised. On this interface, a combination of both 2D and 3D data formats could be

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