Creating an Information Delivery Manual to facilitate future cost estimations



Last Updated: 2-2015


The purpose of this research is to develop an Information Delivery Manual (IDM) to prescribe a structured way of working and set rules for information management in order to make the tender process related to the installation of large medical diagnostic equipment in existing hospital rooms more transparent. The insight in the process subject to this research is gained by conducting interviews with several stakeholders, sending out a questionnaire and conducting case studies. Next to this a literature review to already established research sets the basis for the IDM development. The literature review highlights research related to state-of-the art cost estimation techniques used in the construction industry, but also provides an overview of cost influencing factors in the construction industry as found by other researchers. The IDM consist of a process map and 4 exchange requirements that prescribe a standardized approach for collecting information related to the cost calculations process of a project installing large medical equipment in existing hospital rooms.