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Component Based Business Process Automation for Automating Task-Oriented Work Instructions for Construction Workers.



Last Updated: 8-2017


In recent years, the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry has been adopting digital solutions rapidly. These digital solutions, such as 3D modeling, document management systems, simulation and analysis lead to new possibilities, and eventually increase efficiency. The industry is struggling to implement these new possibilities and connect these systems as an integral solution. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of these techniques. BIM is a method to integrate geographical and non-geographical information from various stakeholders in order to enhance collaboration. By using BIM tools, 3D objects becomes more intelligent and additional information can be connected. Currently, BIM is mainly used in the design and planning stage, and the maintenance phase of construction projects, but are often ignored in the construction phase. The research goals were to apply the possibilities of a data-oriented approach and contribute to a change from a document-oriented construction process to a data-oriented process to make automation possible. This is done by developing an application which automatically creates Task-Oriented Work Instructions (TOWI) for construction workers based on open BIM data and aims to answer the following research question: MAIN RESEARCH QUESTION What is needed to make a (semi) automatic filter of Task-Oriented Work Instructions from open Building Information Models for the construction worker, and how can this be achieved? TOWI are an overview of information designed for construction workers which includes all the relevant information which is needed to perform a task, and does not contain irrelevant information for that specific task. Both researchers as construction workers think TOWI will be very useful for their daily information source. TOWI will contribute to a more efficient and
clear construction process.To create the TOWI, the Business Process Automation (BPA) approach is successfully used. This method identifies, automates, executes, and measures
workflows. This process is implemented in the case study to automate the process of creating TOWI for the task ‘placing and assembling window(frames)’.

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