Building innovation Corporate Entrepreneurship in the building industry



Last Updated: 2-2016


One of the main issues in the building industry is the lack of innovation. In order to solve this problem, this study look at the concept of Corporate Entrepreneurship. The objective of this concept is to create a business environment that fosters entrepreneurial thinking and behavior. It has been widely accepted as a sound way to improve innovation, and has proven its value in companies like Google, IBM, and Panasonic.
The translation of this concept to the Dutch building industry it done in several steps. A literature review results in a theoretical framework that shows which organizational attributes can be employed when incorporating Corporate Entrepreneurship. This theoretical framework is later validated and elaborated by the Fuzzy Delphi study. This study creates a validated and weighted list of attributes.
This list of attributes proves its practical value in the entrepreneurship tool that is also developed in the perspective of this research. This tool is a self-assessment for building organizations in which they can evaluate their current performance on Corporate Entrepreneurship and stimulating innovation. The tool results can be used to find a road ahead, a road towards a more innovative building industry.