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Automation of Building Energy Efficiency Using BIM



Last Updated: 2-2021


Around 50 per cent of CO2 emissions are generated by the building industry. It also accounts for about 20-50 per cent of all-natural resources consumed, and 50 per cent of all solid waste generated, these problems occur during the building’s life cycle construction process, causing many environmental impacts. This study explores the topic of construction sustainability by seeking to encourage designers to make more environmentally sustainable design choices to optimize the energy index of the building design and take into consideration the enhancing of energy labelling in buildings. Reducing the environmental damage generated by the built environment is the key research goal of this graduation thesis. This study proposes an integrated decision support BIM-BPS tool that simulates the building’s energy index for energy labelling earlier in the design stage. The integration approach is based on deriving two datasets, the building’s characteristics considering geometric values and thermal values, while the energy dataset is retrieved from the Dutch energy norm NTA 8800. The building’ characteristics dataset is derived from the IFC file format of the 3D BIM model, the IFC file format enables the necessary information needed for the energy assessment to be derived and then the tool applies the EI calculations to be inserted based on the values and norms of NTA 8800 and check whether the building model complies with the EI required based on the NTA 8800 to optimize the energy labelling of the building. The developed tool is integrated by implementing a Python code script. The developed tool includes a feedback option which is linked to the final energy assessments, this feedback facilitates the ability to make sustainable decisions earlier in the design phase as it assists the project’s designers with sustainable design solutions and to get into the complexity of the energy performance of the designed model. Hence, the developed tool is a decision support tool that enables the automation of energy performance calculations towards sustainability and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

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