Automated geometry checking in the planning phase of the system engineering process based on open source



Last Updated: 2-2016


This research reports on a prototypical implementation of an Automated Geometry Checker for the Planning phase of the System Engineering process, based on open source. The checker is based on the new Industry Foundation Classes (Ifc)Alignment data model, the baseline for further developments in infrastructural and civil engineering. The research presented has two aims: (1) to develop an easy-to-use prototypical validation geometry checker, (2) to identify issues and capabilities of the IfcAlignment schema based on real-world scenarios. Geometric guidelines for road design are used to identify a classification of these rules applicable on the alignment model and translated in formal code. There are four classes identified by complexity of the rules to be checked. For all four classes an example is presented and implemented in the prototypical Geometry Checker. The alignment model is parsed in a viewer and issues from the rulesets are displayed. Based on these experiences, a detailed conclusion, discussion and starting points for future research is provided.