Transportable CO2-neutral houses for one-person households – R. van Beurden

The housing market in the Netherlands is locked. Vacant land positions prove to be unmarketable and customers’ in secureness is high, resulting in little movement of residents from one dwelling to another. Increased individualization affects the formation of households and renting has become more popular among starters instead of buying a house. Construction company Heijmans seeks for possibilities to make their vacant land positions profitable. A draft design of a portable CO2-neutral house, specifically to accommodate one person households, is developed in close collaboration with professionals. This draft design is presented to respondents in an online discrete choice experiment (DCE). The preferences of respondents gave improved insight in important attributes of the draft design. These will be further elaborated on to translate the draft design into a final design. The final design could eventually be build prefab and placed on various locations throughout the Netherlands.

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