The influence of train stations’ environment on travelers’ origin station choice behavior: a TOD approach – A. Tudorica

The purpose of this research is to determine the influence of the surrounding environment of train stations on Dutch travelers’ origin train station choice behavior. The area surrounding the stations is characterized according to TOD theory. The research data was collected using a questionnaire distributed in 8 stations located in Amsterdam. A multinomial logit model was estimated to describe the effect of independent variables (station, trip related, personal and surrounding environment characteristics) on the dependent variable (origin station choice). The results show that distance, density, proximity and P+R play an important role in deciding to use a train station as origin station. Age, frequency of use, and travelers’ general opinion about the station have an effect on the choice of an origin station as well. Understanding how travelers choose a departure station can help NS – Dutch Railway Company, to redistribute the flow of travelers from crowded stations towards less crowded stations.

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