The industrial contribution towards an energy neutral environment – R. Schoenmakers

This paper deals with the topic of the stay away of an energy transition. Investigations are carried out, the environmental discussion is increasing but real substantial actions seem to stay away. Trias-Energetica, an important term in the sustainability sector contains two important actions; (1) making use of renewable/sustainable energy sources and (2) decreasing your energy demand. Since the energy use on industrial areas is substantial as well as the upcoming restructure processes of these areas, the investigation focused hereon. How can industrial areas deliver their contribution towards an energy neutral environment? Which actions have to be undertaken? A method for increasing the efficiency is Industrial Symbiosis which could be carried out by applying Strategic Niche Management as well as a mutual gains approach to create mutual support. This investigation focuses on the actions to be undertaken to initiate the transition, and the contribution of the Province of Noord-Brabant hereon. Literature study, interviews and the Moerdijk case study clarify the issues.

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