The development of a Microsoft Excel based model checker to verify the completeness of a building model

The building industry is an environment in which collaboration is key for the success of a project.
The industry requires constant exchanges of data and communication among different formats
and stakeholders. New criteria are developed regularly, ranging from building codes and
safety rules to techniques of fabrication. As the complexity level of the design and construction
processes is increasing, traditional information resources, such as paper-based documents,
cannot satisfy the requirements nowadays (Zhang Chi, 2015). Since the traditional building
process does not satisfy the current developments and in order to increase productivity and
quality, it is essential to shift from the current paper-based building process to a digital model based
building process. The concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is conceived to
achieve this. This concept forms the base element for the graduation thesis.
BIM is a methodology to accomplish the integral design, construction, and maintenance, resulting in a
complete digital description of a building project. The essence of BIM is to involve all partners in
the building project and let them speak the same comprehensible language. As a consequence
communication issues caused by confusion will drop down.
This graduation project intends to address the topic of BIM-interoperability within an organization.
This work is carried out with the support of the company Hurks Bouw.

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