Increasing New Venture Potential – C-J. Bogaert & C. Kalyanapu

For any High-Tech start-up there are high failure rates and the chances of failing are even higher if company enters into a new market with a new product. The start-ups failure rate was 42% within three and a half years after start-up, and 33% for high tech start-ups after five years. The failure factors were identified and studied which were categorized into Internal and external factors. It was also concluded that external factors can’t be controlled by the company, so a hypothesis was formulated i.e.“having a good internal foundation will reduce the influence of external factors and increases the success chances”. Ultimately the study results in formulating a new improved business plan (BP) design which includes a business flow model (BFM). The BFM model includes a selection of strategy, asset management, business model and resource and process management. This design is validated through a panel of experts to prove the hypothesis. The high tech start-up of the authors, based on this format, successfully joined several stimulating programs and set up their first pilot within six months.

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