Campus parking information : which attributes influence the car drivers’ parking choice behavior on a campus? – C.E. Bekendam

Nowadays, university and corporate campuses are facing issues regarding their parking policy. This causes an unsafe and unpleasant environment for the campus. An implementation of smart parking can help to improve the situation concerning parking. This implementation could provide information about the parking facilities to the car drivers when entering the campus. To get the car driver to follow this information, it is important to provide information that has influence on the car driver. Little research is done regarding parking choice behavior on a campus. Therefore this research will investigate the attributes that have influence on the car drivers’ parking choice behavior on a campus. To discover which attributes have influence on the car driver a stated choice experiment is set up. By means of a questionnaire respondents got hypothetical parking situations, where they had to choose their preferred situation. In the end 159 respondents have filled in the questionnaire. There has been discovered that out of the used attributes in the experiment, the walking distance from the parked car to the final destination has the biggest influence on the parking choice behavior. If an application of smart parking would be implemented on a campus, it is highly recommended that this attribute is included in the application. If car drivers get the right information that actually has influence on their parking behavior, it is more likely that they will follow up the given advice. Only then the smart parking application will work, and will therefore make a change when it comes to parking on a campus.


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