Mapping the Differences for the Experiences of Ebike and Bike Users

Supervisors: Gamze Dane, Peter van der Waerden, Aloys Borgers

Over the past years, the usage of electric bikes has emerged due to their suitability for short and medium distance trips. Because they can replace public transport and/or car for commuting trips and reduce the CO2 emissions in cities. Therefore, the Dutch government promotes using e-bikes for daily commuting trips. However, it is still unclear whether the e-bike users are in need of different cycling infrastructure than conventional bikers, especially considering the increasing demand (Dane et al., 2019). In order to identify the differences between the infrastructural needs of bikers and e-bikes, it is significant to comprehend their experiences (positive and negative) with the cycling infrastructures. To do so, geo-surveys might help to communicate the perceptions and preferences in a space and with the use of web services.
In this project, the student is expected firstly to develop a geo-survey (via ArcGIS or LimeSurvey) that can be exploited to gather data on the experiences of e-bikers and bikers. This geo-survey will enable the respondents to locate their positive and negative experiences on the cycling routes and also gather the respondent characteristics. Secondly, the differences of e-bikers and bikers will be mapped in GIS software and additional analysis will be done by examining the correlations between experiences and user socio-demographics, activity purpose, secondary spatial characteristics (i.e. on-street facilities and services), etc.
The results are expected to give insights into the needs of different bike user groups. The results will be a relevant source of information for city planners and decision-makers as it will create a link between the users and administrative sector.


  • Dane G., Feng T., Luub F., Arentze T. (2019) Route Choice Decisions of E-bike Users: Analysis of GPS Tracking Data in the Netherlands. In: Kyriakidis P., Hadjimitsis D., Skarlatos D., Mansourian A. (eds) Geospatial Technologies for Local and Regional Development. AGILE 2019. Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography. Springer, Cham

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