Weekend Trip Antwerpen

Event details

  • Friday | 7th June 2019 to Sunday | 9th June 2019
  • 8:30 AM
  • Antwerpen

Of CoUrsE! is organising a multiple day trip to Antwerpen. In this trip, our activity committee will organise multiple activities (educational, recreational, touristic) between friday 7 June 2019 and sunday 9 June 2019.

    The following program will be offered:

  • 07-06 08.30h: Deparature in Eindhoven.
  • 07-06 10.30h: Arrival in Antwerpen and dropping luggage at hostel.
  • 07-06 13.00h: Activity with Witteveen+Bos: a case about international contract- or procesmanagement
  • 07-06 17.00h: Return to hostel, preperation for evening.
  • 07-06 18.30h: Dinner at Amadeus.
  • 07-06 21.00h: Teambuilding activity.
  • 07-06 24.00h: Going out in the city centre.

  • 08-06 10.00h: Breakfast at hostel.
  • 08-06 11.00h: Visit to Port Authority, designed by Zaha Hadid.
  • 08-06 13.00h: Lunch in Park Spoor Zuid.
  • 08-06 14.00h: Free program.
  • 08-06 18.00h: Dinner at Otomat.
  • 08-06 21.00h: Beer tour in city centre.

  • 09-06 10.00h: Breakfast at Hostel.
  • 09-06 11.00h: City tour of Antwerpen.
  • 09-06 13.00h: Lunch with authentic Belgium fries at Fritkot Max.
  • 09-06 14.00h: Free program. We suggest having a drink at a terrace, but it is also possible to return to Eindhoven by FlixBus.
  • 09-06 19.00h: Deperature in Antwerpen.
  • 09-06 20.30h: Arrival in Eindhoven.

The program as seen above may change and you are free to choose if you want to join any of the activities during the day.

For a price of ~75€ (depending on the number of participants), we will offer:

  1. A bus trip with a FlixBus from the TU/e
  2. A hostel with a shared bedrooms and breakfast
  3. A dinner on friday and saterday night
  4. A bus trip with a FlixBus from Antwerpen to the TU/e

Cost of day activities as mentioned in the program are excluded. English will be the default language during the trip.

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