Training “How to negotiate” & Beer Tasting

Event details

  • Tuesday | 14th May 2019
  • 1:00 PM
  • Venue
    • Workshop - Vertigo 7.08
    • Beer Tasting - Cafe 100 Watt, Stadsbrouwerij

Are you interested in learning how to negotiate with professionals? Then this is your chance!

Of CoUrse! in cooperation with YER is organising a training session on negotiation skills. This training will go into detail about negotiating about important aspects of your professional life, for example, your salary. What are the do’s and don’ts in a negotiation process? In this training, you will be taught about how both parties can achieve an optimal desired result. This training can be useful for your first job after graduating or when negotiating about outsourcing. The training will be given in English. Any changes will be informed in advance.

Subsequently, we will go by foot to Café 100 watt in the Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven for a beer tasting. Their beer specialist will take you on a tour. He/she will provide 6 special beers brewed in their brewery. Along with these special beers, complimentary snacks will be served to highlight the lovely flavour of the beer.

Who is YER and what does our partner do?

YER is an international employment agency which focusses on temporary and permanent employment for professionals with a bachelor, master or PhD title. YER currently has 10 branches in the Netherlands, one of them is at Flight Forum in Eindhoven. YER exists from 1987 and has grown an international player in employment mediation.

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Agenda for the day
– 13.00h : Official starting time event
– 13.15h : Start of the workshop
– 15.00h : Travel to Stadsbrouwerij
– 15.30h : Beer tasting session starts
– 17.30h : Official conclusion

NO subscription fee is required.
. The training will be given in English, and if needed you can leave after the training is done.

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