Sint & Santa activity

Event details

  • Tuesday | 12th December 2017
  • 8:00 PM
  • Kroonstraat 9

Unfortunately, because of too little enthusiasm, it was decided to cancel the activity. Hopefully we see you all during the next activity!

December is the month of the holidays. On December 5 we celebrate Sinterklaas, a celebration where children get presents from Sinterklaas and Piet, and the end of December, 25th and 26th, is Christmas. To celebrate this, we organize a Sint & Santa activity. During this activity we will play a dicegame, while enjoying a drink. For this, everyone has to buy one or more gifts (worth 5 euros in total). Hopefully you go home at the end of the evening with the best presents.

The location of the activity is Kroonstraat 9 in Eindhoven. This is about 15 minutes cycling from the TU/e. For this reason we would like to know who has a bicycle in Eindhoven and who does not. For those without a bike, we will see if we can arrange something with cars or that you have to take the bus. Therefore, please fill in the subscription box below.