Matchmaking Event 2015

Event details

  • Wednesday | 11th November 2015
  • 6:00 PM
  • Auditorium, TU/e

Do you want to earn a scholarship from your potential employer?

The TU/e is organizing a match making event for a selected group of first year Master’s students on Wednesday November 11th in the evening. Companies that are interested in providing a scholarship to first year TU/e Master’s students have defined the type of students they are keen on. And they are also interested in first year Master’s students from our faculty!

During the match making event, which will take place from 18:00 – 21:00 in the Auditorium, you will get to meet different High Tech companies from the region.  They are willing to give a “topsector” scholarship / HTSM scholarship of €5.000 per student per year. So you have a chance at receiving €10.000!

We strive to match as many students as possible to a company that suits them. Students with an ALSP TU/e scholarship are obliged to attend the event.

If several companies are interested in you, you will be able to make the choice of company. ALSP Scholarship students who are not matched with a company can keep their ALSP TU/e scholarship.


To give you some help on making a great CV, attached to this email there is a handout on how to design a smashing curriculum vitae. Also, you can make use of the expertise of the TU/e CareerCenter. They are opened for questions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 11.00-15.00.


If a company selects you based on your CV, you can subscribe to a webinar in which you will be taught how to present yourself best during the matchmaking event. The date and time of this webinar will be announced later on.


If you want to subscribe for the event and take a chance on earning a scholarship, please subscribe on OASE, course code STU62A. In this OASE folder, you will be able to upload your CV. Please upload your CV as a PDF, with a maximum file size of 10 MB. The option to upload will be opened from Wednesday October 14 until Sunday October 18. The deadline for subscribing to the event is thus Sunday October 18.

If you have any questions, please send them via email to .

Below you can find the handout about a successful CV

Handout CV Matchmaking Event