Lunch Lecture – BAM

Event details

  • Wednesday | 13th February 2019
  • 12:00 PM
  • 8.06, Vertigo, TU Eindhoven

On time and on a budget are the norms, for even the most complex construction projects. Everyone performs at a higher level when they can review, communicate, and cooperate in a digital and interactive visual environment.

To understand this concept, of CoUrsE! in association with BAM is organizing a lunch lecture on the use of BIM 4D in scheduling and operations. The lecture will focus on 4D planning using BIM and answering questions about the disciplines involved, information exchange and data validation using a case study.

BAM is a top European construction group (more than €7 billion turnovers) active in all parts of the construction process. BAM delivers fully equipped buildings and infrastructure and provides an integrated package of activities including development, design, build, finance, operate and maintain. BAM operates through approximately thirty group companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and outside Europe.


  • • Planning execution of the construction project
  • • Use of Gantt charts in project scheduling
  • • What is 4D in 4D BIM?
  • • Implementation of 4D BIM in Zalmhaven, Rotterdam
  • • Advantages and Disadvantages of 4D BIM
  • • Models and Disciplines in 4D BIM
  • • Agreements (Delivery of Information) in 4D BIM
  • • Disciplines with BAM A&E
  • • Introduction of Team

The lecture will be delivered in English. Subscription is free for students. Lecture includes free lunch and coffee and a round of questions from the company.

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