Inter(National) Evening

Event details

  • Wednesday | 24th May 2017
  • 6:30 PM
  • Rooftop City Tower Pastoor Petersstraat 170

Dutch students, after this long time surrounded by international students you haven’t tasted their delicious meals? And for the foreigners, how is possible that after this long time in The Netherlands you don’t know what is traditional from each region of the country you are living?

This is your opportunity to dip yourself into other cultures by joining our (Inter)national Evening Potluck! Every student is invited to bring at least a dish and a drink from their own country/region in Netherlands. Show us why your culture is so special by bringing the best food/booze your country (or region) has to offer!

Please, register beforehand to know how many dishes and drinks to expect. Are you searching for a cooking buddy? Let us know in the form so that we can help you!

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