CME Company Orientation Day

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  • Tuesday | 20th March 2018
  • 9:30 AM
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Just as every year, of CoUrsE! Organizes a Company Orientation Day for all CME students. This is your chance to make a step forward in your career! Several companies will be present and will give a short presentation about themselves in the morning. During the break we will enjoy a nice lunch and afterwards you will get the chance to have a one-to-one talk with one of the companies. In the afternoon there will be workshops offerd by the companies on a variety of topics. We will end the day with a drink.

Brink Management en Advies

There will be one round of workshops. They will be given by Pacer, HEVO and BIM-Connected. Below you find the description of each workshop. You can subscribe for one workshop below.

Workshop 1 – Pacer
Putting process management into practice

As a contractor your goal is to design and build an object that meets your clients requirements. You also want to realize your project within the given time and set budget. Where to start? In order to get an idea realised into a final object you will need a good process with structured information. However, which information do you select and what attributes do you use to organize this information?

By attending this workshop you will learn about the different structures that can be applied when processing information. After you have a grip on the contract information you can turn your new knowledge into practice. Using a real life case you will set a baseline and start applying process management. You will learn how to structure an overload of information to make your project more manageable.

Are you the next expert in process management? Attend this workshop!

Workshop 2 – HEVO
In an interactive workshop we will present the essence of our way of working and you will get a hands on experience in what this means. The workshop requires your active participation in a real life situation and therefore gives you a better insight in our company.

Workshop 3 – BIM-Connected
From Design to Life Cycle Management

BIM is getting more and more mature in the design and construction phase an integral model containing loads of information about the designed building. BIM is proving itself in the first phases of the building lifecycle, but how can we extend the value of BIM in the Operation & Maintenance phase, a phase which is accounted for 70% of the building life cycle cost. In this workshop we will demonstrate the case of BIM in O&M @ Schiphol Airport, which business opportunities lies ahead? What issues did occur? How does this affect BIM in the design & construction phase?

Looking forward to an inspiring Orientation Day!

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