Hello, before you read further ask yourself this 2 questions:

  • Are you from other country than The Netherlands?
  • Are you interested in following a Construction Management related Master?

If the answer is yes for both of hem:

Hesitate no more and join the MSc Construction Management & Engineering (CME) at the TU/e!!

 An international perspective:

CME program is attractive and approaches the management, engineering, sustainable, entrepreneur, etc. characteristics of the Build Environment Faculty of the TU/e. TU/e offers  all master programs in English, however CME is one of the most popular master among international students in the Build Environment, of course only shadowed by the MSc Architecture in quantity of internationals. The student life for an international is very attractive in Eindhoven, Dutch students have a high proficient level of English and together with the high amount of internationals living in the city you will acquire a very broad and interesting network full of smart people. The master itself offers many fun and diverse activities that are organized by ‘of CoUrsE!’, this activities are a great opportunity to meet your CME colleagues, alumni, professors, and companies.

All in all MSc CME is the best option, includes knowledge, a big network, and professional opportunities. Take it from an International student who is very satisfied with the experience.