MSc Construction Management and Engineering


Master’s in construction management and engineering (CME) is a two-year master’s programme taught in English. It addresses the increasing need for reforms within the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.
The CME program is a 4TU program given at TU Eindhoven, TU Delft, and TU Twente and does not include the Wageningen University of Research.

Focus at TU/e

At TU Eindhoven, the program is offered by the Department of Built Environment and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. The CME program at TU Eindhoven anticipates the changes that drive the need to reform by exploring the area between Construction Engineering and Scientific Management and Economics.

The program explores the management and implementation of urban development processes with an emphasis on smart cities.
The primary areas of focus are:

  • • Energy Neutral Cities
  • • Urban Management
  • • Building Information Management

As a CME student, you will familiarise yourself with existing management and engineering practices and learn how you can help to achieve the desired changes in the AEC industry and assess the consequences for the construction process and its organization. You will also further develop your engineering, problem-solving and communication skills. The master program in CME focuses on aspects like stakeholder management, process management, project management, legal practices and mode of governance in the construction industry. It also trains students to build an entrepreneurial insight.

The Department of the Built Environment offers two certificate programs: ‘Construction Technology’ and ‘Building Design & Technology.’ These certificates are supplementary to the regular master program CME and are meant for students who follow the master program CME at the department. The certificate Technology Entrepreneurship (CTE) offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences is for master’s students who are interested in business.

Since the program is served under a 4TU partnership, the students are free to follow up subjects in the three universities.

Who can apply?

Following students can apply.

  • •The students can apply for the master program after completing the bachelor programs in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.
  • •The students can also apply for the program after the studies at HBO after completion of a pre-master program for CME.
  • •International Students

CME Information Package

The CME Information Package contains information about the master track, all the core courses, and information about extra certificates

Graduation Projects

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Questions and comments

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