During the COD, six workshops are organised by companies. On this page you find a description of each of them. On the COD itself, it is possible to attend two workshops. Therefore we ask you to select the four workshops you like the most and rank them from 1 (best) to 4 (lowest preference).


How does the Netherlands get rid of the gas?

You maybe did not realize it yet, but we have a unique situation in the Netherlands, specifically, we have a lot of gas in the ground and therefore a sophisticated gas-network. This had brought the Netherlands a lot of good things in the past decade, but it seems that using gas is a difficult aspect in the development of more sustainable urban areas. A lot of money is invested in a network that, eventually, will not be necessary anymore. This happens because Groningen is ravaged with earthquakes and we are running out of gas, even though we do not know when this is going to happen.

At the same time, the Netherlands is behind schedule regarding the sustainability program. Agreements made on global, European and national level are not kept. The national, provincial and local governments, corporation-, built- and installation sector are playing a role in this. Also, Atriensis has a part in this. The role of Atriensis lays in the driving force, expert and knowledge divisor. In this workshop, Atriensis engages you in the versatility of their contribution in the theme “How does the Netherlands get rid of the gas?”.

  • By not using a gas connection in new-built houses.
  • By perceiving energyneutral situations in existing houses and removing the gas-connection.
  • By changing existing heating systems from gas to a sustainable system.
  • By stimulating energy-saving by changing behavior of residents.
  • By using and dividing sustainable energy sources in a better way.


Failure costs, workshop project management

It is estimated that over 10% of the total budget in infrastructure construction is spent on failure costs. Why is this percentage that high?
Big news during hand over: “Construction Rotterdam Central Station stays within the budget!” An achievement that resulted in praise for the team and mentioning of the project on multiple media.

The delivery of large infrastructural projects within quality and budget apparently is worth mentioning, but why? What makes the control over these projects so intangible, what are the biggest pitfalls leading to failure costs, and how can these cost overruns be mitigated? These are exactly the questions PACER and its advisors answer on daily basis.

During this workshop you will not only obtain insight in the challenges that arise in multidisciplinary projects, but also experience the link between the abstract field of process management and practice. Together with PACER advisors you will tackle some of the major issues leading to failure costs during a one-and-a-half-hour workshop.


BIM and Systems Engineering

This workshop will go into the practical approach of BIM and SE in projects. Part of the presentation will be an interactive group discussion on how to improve the work methods.


Tendering process

During the workshop of Heijmans, you will learn more about the tendering process. From the announcement of the project and the pre-qualifications till the awarding of the project. Heijmans has a lot of experience in this process because they are one of the main contractors of the Netherlands. (This workshop will be given in Dutch)


HEVO is a real-estate specialist and active on the fields of real-estate advice and project management. Because HEVO stands for the quality of their work, they can give firm guarantees using their unique concept “integral risk management project management” regarding price and quality of housing. Following on that, they strive for sustainable buildings and relationships with clients which is also sustainable.

During the workshop, HEVO will in an interactive workshop HEVO present the essence of their way of working and you will get a hands on experience in what this means. The workshop requires your active participation in a real life situation and therefore gives you a better insight in us


Project Delivery Methods

ICSadviseurs manages and supervises building projects from the first initiative to completion and commissioning. ICS consultants work with clients to realise their organizational vision by providing advice and assistance at every stage of the building process. We are experts in linking vision with building/architecture. The results: healthy, sustainable, flexible, efficient and inspiring educational, healthcare and work environments. Our clients are educational organizations, municipalities and healthcare organizations. Both national as well as international. Our projects are characterized by innovative concepts, sustainable exploitation, interactive processes, efficient use of recourses and enthusiasm. Our main focus always is on the end users, which has been embedded in our company’s DNA for over 60 years!

This workshop will illustrate the way we work together with our clients managing their projects. We will zoom in on the variety of construction project delivery methods and contracttypes (bouworganisatievormen en contractregie). Which method/type suits the client best and enables integration of the end users’ requirements? We will provide a casestudy to discuss considerations. We hope to meet you the 28th of March!