TU/e – Graduation topic

Project Description: Bike2School (includes a student-assistantship)
Theme: Health, smart mobility
Main supervisor: Pauline van den Berg, Astrid Kemperman
Chair of the graduation committee: Theo Arentze

Short description of the project
Cycling contributes to liveable cities and healthy citizens. It is an important way to get regular physical activity; decreases heart diseases and mental health problems such as depression. Specifically, for children and teens, who need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, cycling can be an important contributor to this goal. Although bicycle use is relatively high among school going youth, it decreases quickly from the age of 16.
The aim of this project is therefore to study how bicycle use among youth (12-20 years old) can be stimulated. Increasing bicycle use among teens will be beneficial to society as it reduces transportation emissions and increases physical activity and public health. It is therefore important to gain insight in the factors influencing cycling behaviour of teens, and the role that schools can play in this.
A second aim is to co-create solutions, together with school-going teens, for increasing cycling among this target group.
This project is a collaboration with 3 Dutch provinces: Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Overijssel.
For this project, the student will receive a financial compensation in the form of a student-assistantship for 4 hours per week during 6 months