NRP Master Award

Do you have the prize-winning idea for the transformations and renovations of the future? The NRP Master Prize gives upcoming talent the chance to bring their new ideas in the field of transformation and renovation straight to the market.


One of the cornerstones of NRP is knowledge sharing and development. Our news platform and the accompanying NRP News Overviews, the debates, meetings, sessions and the NRP Academy form a good foundation for this. These activities take place largely within ‘the status quo’. In order to also create more interest for transformation and renovation outside this order, NRP is emphatically looking for connections with the next generation: the students.


NRP would like to know all about the original and innovative ideas of the Master’s students of today. The NRP Master Prize is an interesting incentive for students to engage with transformation and renovation. At the same time, their graduation theses and designs will contribute to the further professionalization of this field.


Would you like to surprise us with your innovative ideas for the transformation and renovation of the existing urban environment?

We offer you the opportunity of introducing your ideas to the many companies affiliated with NRP. Who knows, maybe they will be interested in your thesis or design or perhaps they even have a place for you within their company! Close collaboration with our media partners will ensure that your ideas are given plenty of publicity in the media. And last but not least, your ideas could also end up in the study program for transformation and renovation professionals: the NRP Academy.


The NRP Master Prize is aimed at graduates and graduating students from relevant universities, Master courses and postgraduate courses in the Netherlands. The prize will be awarded to a thesis or design that is innovative in the field of transformation or renovation. Do you want to SUBMIT your work? Send in your entry from 1 January to 31 August 2019.


Based on their expert assessment, the jury will select up to three nominees from the submitted entries who will then be given the opportunity to present their submission to the jury. After deliberation, the jury will determine the winner.

In 2019 the prizes are as follows:

  • o 1st prize: € 3000
  • o 2nd prize: € 2000
  • o 3rd prize: € 1000



The jury of the NRP Master Prize is comprised of experts working for an NRP partner/patron.

  • o The jury will be appointed by the board of the NRP.
  • o It will consist of up to six experts and be a reflection of the profiles present within the network of the NRP.
  • o The jury will elect one of its members as a chairman who can enlist the assistance of external experts.
  • o If a jury member is directly linked to one of the submitted theses, the jury member involved will not be included in the judging of the thesis/theses in question.
  • o The jury will be announced in the course of 2019.


The entries will be judged at least on the following aspects:

  • o Quality of the thesis in general: breadth, depth, methodology, conclusions and recommendations.
  • o The relevance for transformation and renovation.
  • o The importance of the study in question for the professionalization of transformation and renovation.
  • o The innovative aspects of the study carried out.
  • o Manner of presentation.
  • o Originality.


  • o The prize will only be awarded to the theses or designs in renovation and/or transformation made by way of completion of a university Master course or real estate related post-academic or postgraduate Master course.
  • o The thesis/design must be accessible to the public.
  • o The thesis/design must be relevant and innovative in the field of transformation and renovation.
  • o The prize will be awarded annually and is relevant to theses/designs completed in the preceding academic year.
  • o An entry can compete only once for the NRP Master Prize.
  • o Entries can be submitted this year from 1 January to 31 August 2019.

    Read the regulations (pdf) for all the conditions associated with the submission of a thesis or design.


    • o Send in your thesis or design between 1 January and 31 August 2019!
    • o The prize-winners will be announced at the NRP Partner meeting on 14 November 2019.
    • o As prize-winner you will receive a cash prize and we will bring your final thesis to the attention of the NRP affiliated companies and further afield.



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