System Engineering meets Project Excursion

On 7 October 2019, an excursion to Spoorzone construction site was organized by of CoUrsE! in collaboration with Stam + De Koning. This excursion was in the theme of systems engineering that is applied to the execution phase of a construction project. BIM coordinator Niek Rooijackers together with Building Engineer, Thom Vervoordeldoonk of the Spoorzone told us about how they developed and implemented their Building Site Modeling (BSM) and also how they do design collaboration with different parties.

After this amazing presentation, we then visited the building under construction. As some of us never experienced the ins and outs of a construction site, it was a good moment to learn from it.

In all, the excursion was very enlightening and therefore it broadened our horizons. We would like to thank Stam + De Koning for this amazing experience and hope in the future that we can expand our relationship to offer great opportunities to our students.

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